Survey Says – Outbound Spam IS Your Problem


Zombies, compromised accounts, and malicious users are just some of the friendly neighborhood spammers on service providers’ networks. Every piece of spam going in AND getting out is your problem, long before it becomes someone else’s.  Commtouch recently commissioned a survey by Osterman Research to determine the state of the industry with regard to outbound spam.

One key finding is that fighting outbound spam is expensive. Sixty-eight percent of service providers are spending up to $100,000 per year on controlling the problem. Four percent are spending more than $250,000.   Fighting outbound spam is important to your customers, too. Eighty-seven percent believe it is important or extremely important for email providers to actively eliminate zombies – a primary source of outbound spam – from their networks.

The research investigates all aspects of the outbound spam problem and is available for download here:

Resolving the outbound spam issue also can help service providers to retain customers: our research found that 56% of end users whose outbound email was blocked because of their providers’ outbound spam problem would switch to a provider that would not block innocent users.

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