Stop Email Scammers During Scam Awareness Month


Scamnesty home pageAccording to Ultrascan, scammers’ income increased from $6.3 billion in 2008 to $9.3 billion in 2009.

February is Scam Awareness Month – Scamnesty 2010 – under the auspices of the UK Office of Fair Trading. UK Consumers can forward their scam mail and SMSs, and even deliver old-fashioned paper letters to Scamnesty Bins located around the UK.

Scammers often disguise themselves as banks, social media sites, lotteries, and friendly people asking for your assistance to claim found money.  Consumer Direct also have a great summary of the different types of scams on their website.

Commtouch’s Recurrent Pattern Detection technology blocks spam outbreaks including scam emails before they ever get to user mailboxes.  UK-based companies and hosting services not using Commtouch technology, should actively send received scam emails to Scamnesty. Those already enjoying the end results of Commtouch anti-spam, anti-malware protection, can relax knowing that they will not be funding the island villa of a successful cybercriminal.

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