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Spammers vote Facebook – “Application of the year”

Hot on the heels of the announcement by Time magazine of Mark Zuckerberg as “person of the year”, “WESPAM” has hailed Facebook as “Application of the Year”. We once again spoke to Mr. [email protected] GraNow – head of WESPAM (Worldwide Excess Senders of Phony Applications and Mail). WESPAM claims to represent most of the evil Internet.

Mr GraNow: “Facebook is truly a landmark application – the opportunities for finding people, connecting with them, and using the Facebook name to send spam are almost endless. A compromised Facebook account is one of the nicest Christmas gifts in our community.”

Asked whether anything special was planned to commemorate this occasion Mr GraNow replied, “We have already launched our 1,656,567th Facebook themed spam campaign. The emails feature pretty standard “Facebook notification” stuff.”

He continued, “Clicking anywhere in the email leads to our friends at the Canadian Pharmacy. They have great Christmas specials on now – did you know?”

Following our discussion Mr GraNow declined to add us as friends on Facebook stating “privacy concerns”.

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