Spammers: Looking to Save Money? Here’s how!


Next time you have some Viagra to sell or malware to spread, forget those passé, brute-force directory attacks. You don’t have to generate email addresses with all those alphanumeric characters or “typical” names and email structures, such as And you especially don’t have to take days to deliver them slooowly and methodically so corporate servers don’t reject everything.

The cheaper, better, faster way to harvest directories is here! With services like LinkedIn or MeetUp and Google or Yahoo (and the hundreds of other social networking sites), you can get your corporate directories quicker and cheaper, and even more user-friendly.

Sites such as LinkedIn contain information about employees at almost every major company around the globe. In addition, these social networking site users make significant efforts to keep their profiles accurate. Sometimes, the sites are more up-to-date than a corporation’s own directories.

Spammers, you can access this up-to-date corporate directory information simply and easily.

Search engines such as Google review and index most data generally available on the web (unless asked not too), including social networking profiles. Try searching for yourself on Google – your LinkedIn profile will most likely appear in the top five.

With the right query, you can ask Google for a complete list of every employee at any company, using readily available social networking data.

With these complete, up-to-date lists of email addresses, you can reach hundreds, thousands, and millions of people easily and accurately, significantly increasing your ROI. Try it today!

*Of course once you have the email list, you need to actually send out the spam.  At this point, Commtouch may disrupt your plans with our Recurrent Pattern Detection (RPD) technology which blocks spam and malware and enables safe browsing. No tips here for how to bypass RPD…

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