Spammers in Love


I just got back from a long, hot but very enjoyable day trip with the Israeli team to the Sea of Galilee, so I’ll keep this brief (and will post the pics from the trip tomorrow). Commtouch spam analysts informed me about a new outbreak of “love” malware which began around 18:00 UK time yesterday, with love-themed subjects and message contents, which contain an IP-address based URL. Users who click on the link will get an automatic download of iloveyou.exe.

Subject lines include:

  • Love You
  • I love you so much!
  • Heavenly Love
  • Our Love is Free
  • Crazy in love
  • With you by my side
  • Me & You
  • The Mood for Love
  • A Precious Gift
  • You’re the one
  • A kiss so gentle
  • In your arms

Above is a message sample (don’t try visiting the site, in case they haven’t taken it down yet…). Look familiar?

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