Spammers have given up!


No, not really – but a recent outbreak seems to use no technique at all to get recipients to click on a link to a malware-hosting site.  The emails (samples below) have no subject (other than RE: or FW:), no text telling you why you should click on the link, no hidden URLs behind on-screen hyperlinks and no images.  It would seem that the social engineering concept relies on curious users who will click on the link “because it’s there”.  Or maybe something went wrong in the mail merge when the attack was launched.

flash update emails

The links lead to sites requiring “the latest version of Macromedia Flash Player”.  Clicking on the download link or simply loading the page gets you free malware and an all-expenses-paid trip to the nearest botnet.  Serves you right for not knowing that Macromedia was acquired by Adobe over 4 years ago.

flash player update 2

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