Spammers Almost Take Our Advice about LinkedIn


In February, we “recommended” that cybercriminals save time and money by using LinkedIn as a way to harvest email addresses and details about corporate employees. Instead, they have added LinkedIn to the pantheon of trusted brands being used to scam unaware recipients.

Thanks to the simplicity of the LinkedIn design, spammers have had an easy time of creating faked LinkedIn connection invitations and pending email messages. Check out the images below – one real and two fake.

The spammers did take our advice with regard to one item – they are using the name of a real company in the invitations.  The links in the fake email messages lead to sites with malware as well as pharmacy sites. From the cybercriminals’ perspective, it makes perfect sense to use these links in their attempt to install malware onto unsuspecting computers. What doesn’t seem to make sense, though, is connecting LinkedIn spam to a pharmacy site. Maybe if the real company name they used was a large pharmaceutical company…

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