Spam slips through Gmail filters


Gmail users have been treated to a fairly strong track record of spamless inboxes thanks to Gmail’s filtering methods. Every now and then, maybe they’d miss one…or maybe they’d falsely mark a legitimate email as spam…but for the most part, Gmail users have been spared large amounts of spam cluttering their inboxes.

Over the last four to six weeks, and especially in the last week or so, a bug over in the Gmail spam filters has changed this. Some Gmail users have noticed a sharp increase in the amount of spam that snuck through the filters and ended up in their inboxes. Lisa Hoover, over at Computerworld, shares her personal experience with the issue and the Search Engine Round Table offers a concise summary of the Gmail forums covering the topic.

Spam like this sample – promoting weight loss supplements – have snuck through Gmail’s spam filters:


And another example, offering free HD or DVR:


As of today, Google has not offered an explanation for this glitch but in this Gmail forum, an employee named Sarah assured us that Google is investigating it and looking for a fix. That was at the end of April. According to users, the problem has only gotten worse since then. Hopefully Google will sort it out soon so Gmail users can enjoy low spam levels again.

Gmail subscribers should remember that Gmail is a free service – in beta stage. From time to time, there may be glitches that the Google team will have to address. But considering the price, there isn’t really much room to complain. No? Paid services are typically held to a higher standard than free services.

…as they say, “You get what you pay for.” And for a service that is totally free, I’d say Google is doing a pretty good job of keeping its Gmail subscribers happy.

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