Silly 419


One of the advantages of following us on Twitter is that you get our #Sillyspam posts.  In their efforts to confound mail filters, spammers often need to perform all sorts of language acrobatics.  We usually feel compelled to add a comment to these amusing bits of email – and we summarize our favorites every 3 months in our Trend Report.  A selection from Q2 2010 (the format is “sillyspam” // Commtouch comment):

  • “Are you late for appointments and girls leave you?” // And I thought it was the aftershave!
  • “Our watches don’t wear off like clothes” // but are they tumble-dryer safe?
  • “Make it longer than the Great China Wall!” // Don’t you have something in a medium?
  • “Sold Out  -  LIMITED UNITS WATCHES!” // Sold out!  – what a pity… I would have bought one
  • “contact Him now via e-mail/phone” // No need to go to church/synagogue then?
  • “Your wrist is screaming for a new watch” // My wrist should be more polite
  • “You would may never know” // I might could not understand

And now – we can no longer resist.

Enter: Silly-419.

In their efforts to continually invent new ways of extorting money from the unaware, 419ers need new stories and new names.  Some of these really stretch credibility or are just .. well…  silly.  So – every once in a while – we will share our current favorites with you.  First we are reminded of our recent post concerning the “Harry Potter Foundation” as well as Facebook “compensating” users.

Or how about this one:  Freemasons inviting new members by email! From our limited knowledge of the way these things work, it’s not that easy to join up – and we doubt the initial approach is by poorly-worded-email.  Naturally you should “never share this information with anyone”.

Imagine receiving the good news about an unexpected inheritance – and from a guy called “Goodluck” – it’s just too good to be true!

Don’t you think it would be more plausible if you used a name like “Henry Salami”?

More to come…

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