Security Levity: A new blog by Commtouch CTO, Amir Lev


Amir Lev, Commtouch CTO and president, is now blogging over at ComputerWorld. Each week, he’ll explore new and interesting messaging and Web security trends and topics including:

  • Spammer tricks
  • Spam legality around the world
  • Cultural aspects of spam
  • Cultural aspects of web filtering
  • Mac OS malware
  • “419″ advance-fee fraud

In his first post, Spam Culture, part I: China, Amir examines how cultural differences affect spam and how a society approaches it. In China, for example, large, well-known companies can freely send unsolicited emails to a group of people and it is not considered “spam” according to the more commonly accepted definition that spam is unsolicited email.

His second post, The Return of Image Spam, discusses the re-emergence of an old spam favorite.

Check back each week for a new post.

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