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Security-as-a-Service: Applied Cyber Intelligence for Enterprises

When applying the concept of trust to the security-as-a-service (SecaaS) delivery model, it is useful to think in terms of security history. With access to the Internet and email came viruses, spam drive-by downloads and phishing, and the corresponding perimeter security software and hardware to protect corporate systems. But, software always needs upgrading and security experts must try to remain abreast of the latest threats while it seems as if the cybercriminal is always one-step ahead.

Security in the “Cloud”

So, is data better protected when it is secured through the cloud? In short, the answer is yes. When your network is secured via Security-as-a-Service, end user traffic is routed through a robust and scalable cloud security platform, where it is screened and analyzed for viruses, malware, and other threats. Even data from roaming devices, such as notebooks, tablets and smartphones can be protected. This is possible because the SecaaS model puts the security perimeter around each user and the devices they use to conduct business.

“Box software and perimeter security is like storing money in a mattress. You might feel like you have more control, but it is really easy for cyber criminals to access your data.” — Sigurður Stefnisson, VP & GM AntiMalware at CYREN

SecaaS companies, like CYREN, analyze billions of transactions on a daily basis, providing a real-time, wide-ranging picture of threats across the Internet. Because of this, enterprises do not have to keep security definitions up-to-date; SecaaS does it for them. You can easily create browsing policies specific to your needs and corporate structure and quickly deploy them to all employees, no matter where they are or what device they are using. In addition, SecaaS enables you to integrate Web security into your infrastructure on a pay-as-you-go basis with no equipment to buy, install, or maintain resulting in a dramatic reduction in your Total Cost of Ownership at the same time as your protection is increased.

Did you know that you can view real-time virus, phishing, and malware threats identified by CYREN via its online Security Center and Global Threat Monitor?

Simply put, security-as-a-service offers enterprises of any size unprecedented protection at significantly reduced costs.

To learn more about the various SecaaS options offered by CYREN, visit our website.

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