Scam Squared


What do you get when a scammer scams a scammer? I guess you could call that scam squared. Perhaps there used to be honor among thieves, but not anymore. Check out this spam message targeted at, no, not unsuspecting purchasers of fake meds, but at those people who are selling the stuff!

Now, it’s not so odd to think of spammers as a target audience of interest to promoters of certain products. After all, they are a making a lot of money (ill-gotten gains) and need a place to put it, so where better than some hinky offshore account that no one knows about?

What I love, however, is that this “bank” apparently is doing its best to steal the spammers’ money. This sob story pretty much lays it out:

In other words, if the offer sounds too good to be true… it probably is.

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