SANS on Storm Worm


SANS Institute is a serious and, probably, the most trusted information security organization. They issue SANS Newsbit email letter covering interesting security-related news. Today, one of the topics they covered was’s article about Storm Worm trojan defeating AV products. Why am I so excited that I even decided to blog about it? Ah, you haven’t read the article. The most trusted information security organization relates to the article that mentions some “security firm” named… CommTouch Software! Well, it does talk about other secuity vendors as well, but we are in the first paragraph! And in the second one, and then again close to the end, in case a reader dared to forget the Commtouch’s name!
Many people read the SANS Newsbit and I belive it gives us very nice and directed exposure. So I am not excited about Storm Worm being able to penetrate AV protection, but about us – the security firm whose name will be seen by many security profesionals out there.

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