Reducing costs and lowering overhead highlighted Commtouch’s session at the cPanel conference


Earlier this month Commtouch participated in the cPanel Conference in Houston, Texas. This annual event, now in its 4th year, brings together a wide group of attendees, from Linux engineers to company executives. The three day event offers hosting providers the opportunity to meet with leading cPanel partners and industry gurus to learn how to generate more revenue, keep customers happy and lower overhead through automation.

During the conference, Commtouch’s Stoney Brooks presented a session called “Open source e-mail security may cost more than you think.” Stoney described how open source solutions have many hidden costs that hosting providers often fail to take into account when they choose open source over commercial anti-spam and anti-virus solutions.

Stoney provided some actual figures of how much hosting companies could save using Commtouch solutions. For example, he showed how a hosting company handling 25,000 email subscribers could use Commtouch IP reputation to reduce their bandwidth requirements by 80%, or Commtouch anti-spam to reduce the number of servers needed to handle spam from 9 to 1. Cost savings from reducing the bandwidth and servers, along with the associated administrative costs of manually dealing with spam could save the hosting company upwards of $35,000 annually. Stoney backed up his analysis with actual customer testimonials attesting to the reduced bandwidth, server and overhead costs.

The Commtouch team had a great time meeting with everyone and participating in the event. The picture seen here (courtesy of the Web Host Industry Review) shows our own Stoney Brooks and Ashley Schoch at the Commtouch booth.

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Commtouch Booth at cPanel - October 2009

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