Real Estate Site Hosts Replica Spam


A while ago I wrote about how spammers can make use of the “email a friend” functionality of photosharing sites to send spam. In reality, any web site that allows you to email someone else can be abused to send unsolicited email. Here’s a new example, in which a message touting replica watches has been embedded into a realty web site, The spammer used the support ticket email functionality to send out the email:

Replica spam in real estate site email message

When the user clicks on the link, s/he is brought to the apparently legitimate site, but the support ticket is actually an ad for a watch replica site:


I browsed through other sections of the site, and it has all the appearance of a legitimate web site, with lots of FAQs, and even a very clearly worded traditional anti-spam policy. I’ll let their anti-abuse team know about this blatant violation.

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