Q4 2009 Internet Threats Trend Report Released


During the fourth quarter of 2009, the Mal-Bredo A virus continued to circulate the world for the second quarter in a row. Cybercriminals morphed its packaging from attachments that appeared to be from internationally known package delivery companies to attachments that appeared to be from Facebook, the popular social networking site.

Throughout the quarter, the number of Mal-Bredo A variants dropped to under 1000, while the number of actual outbreaks rose.

Blended threats, including fake Swine Flu alerts and Halloween tricks, continued to circulate, while spammers introduced a few new tricks including MP3 spam and personal enhancement spam targeting women.

Also during the quarter, spam levels averaged 77% of all email traffic, peaking at 98% in November and bottoming out at 68% at the end of December.

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