Q2 Internet Threats Trend Report Released


The major news of the second quarter was the massive rise in email-borne viruses not caught by major anti-virus engines. One explanation for the dramatic rise is the appearance of aggressive new variants of several different Trojans. Anti-virus companies have been unable to produce new signatures in time to protect their customers. Some companies try to develop generic signatures, but these have proven ineffective in an outbreak of this size.

Throughout the quarter, there was an increase in the number and complexity of legitimate sites hijacked by hackers. Once-popular image spam also made a comeback this quarter with new tactics to bypass some anti-spam engines.

Another popular tactic this quarter was the use of current events to appeal to the emotional senses of recipients around the world. Global events including the death of pop superstar, Michael Jackson, and the spread of the swine flu were popular spam subjects.

Read about these trends and more by downloading the Commtouch Q2 Internet Threats Trend Report.

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