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Poetry Spam: A Sole Act of Charity

Last week I received an email from Rina Patel (although her email address implies “Daniel” as first name), subject: “Kindly Assist”. Rina is from Japan (although her/ Daniel’s email address is from Uruguay) and was married to an English man from the UK, called “Late Sir Patel”. Sir Patel “was an oil explorer” in Libya and Kuwait for twelve years. But in 2010 he died.

Rina is a lonely person – not only because she’s a widow – she “was abandoned by relatives”, too. And now her doctor said that she only has a few days to live. But Rina is brave and made a plan for her last days on earth: She wants to spend them quietly. Rina is even fine with the hospital room: She was able to organize a laptop – her connection to the world. Cause there are still “some outstanding issues”. Rina is going to donate an amount of money for a good cause. Two Million Pounds should be donated to cancer research institutes and other charity organizations – but who could manage these transactions?

Rina thought that the internet could help and did an online research for “some one remotely afar who can receive the funds from where it has been deposited and disburse the money” to the deserving charity organizations. In Rina’s opinion I am the one. She will give me 25 % of the amount for my “time taken from my busy schedule” to work with her “on this sole act of charity”. Half a Million Pounds for me? Not bad. But are these kinds of transactions safe?

Of course they are! Cause “the Holy Spirit led” Rina do it this way. Her “dreams will rest squarely” on my shoulders until she receives my acceptance of this deal in her private email box (not Daniel’s email any longer) – and her barrister will contact me as soon as he will be informed…

Rina's email

Rina’s email “Kindly Assist”

This is the beginning of our new blog category: Poetry Spam!

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