Personal enhancement spam now targeting women


Commtouch Labs has seen a new trend in personal enhancement spam. Where in the past, these messages have been directed at men with subjects like Let your ‘gun’ be steel and The more inches you have the more times your lady will hit the point, this new variation is directed at women whose men have lost that spark.

The messages look like a personal letter between two friends and most samples, like the one below, includes a line announcing that the sender and her partner are about to get married after solving their problems.

Personal Enhancement spam targeting women

The body of the email is much more subtle than what is seen in typical enhancement emails. The email reads more like a confidential chat between two close girlfriends, and less like an advertisement for men. The language here is very shy and subtle, stating that “it’s so difficult to talk about these things…” The typical, more “manly” approach urges the recipient to “be a champion in bed,” etc.

Perhaps the spammers are banking on the fact that female consumers spend more than men. Trying a new angle, targeting the women who “suffer,” the spammers hope to make a larger profit.

Clicking on the link in the message leads to a landing page like this:

Exploited Yahoo! Profile Page

The spammers have exploited pages on, similar to exploitations we’ve seen with and others. Using legitimate sites like Yahoo! and, the spammers hope to bypass traditional content-based spam filters. More advanced, content- and language-agnostic spam filters will prevent such messages from reaching inboxes.

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