Outbound spam? Survey says – Service Providers are looking for a solution


Recently, our service provider customers have become increasingly vocal about the problem of outbound spam, the spam generated within their own networks. We recently sponsored a survey with Osterman Research asking Web hosting companies, ISPs, and email managed service providers how they manage outbound spam.

As you can see from our beautiful chart – service providers are trying a range of methods to stop outbound spam before it becomes inbound spam in someone else’s network.  The chart is taken from the Osterman research report into outbound spam commissioned by Commtouch available for download here: http://www.commtouch.com/outbound-spam-report

These solutions create other issues such as false positives and blocked legitimate users while missing low volume or regional outbound spam (potentially leading to being blocklisted) as shown in the graphic below.

As always, the key is to find an effective solution that creates the ever desirable win-win solution: You save your IP reputation, your customers are happier, and you can appropriately apportion your resources without the additional volume from the zombies and spammers.

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