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Inbound Anti-Spam Solution: Catch Outbreaks with Cyren

The challenges of keeping up with the ever-changing tactics of spammers consume valuable hardware and internal personnel resources for service providers and vendors. Proven across multiple scores of deployments that happen across the globe, Cyren’s Email Security Engine for Inbound Anti-Spam delivers industry-leading detection performance to Microsoft Office 365 users, allowing real-time blocking of spam and phishing emails in any language or format with almost no false positives.

Why Use Cyren’s Email Security Engine for Inbound Antispam?

Unique Technology

Cyren’s Email Security Engine for Inbound Anti-Spam utilizes a patented Recurrent Pattern Detection™ (RPD) technology to block spam based on fundamental characteristics such as mass distribution and repeating patterns. 

Spam emails and phishing outbreaks that are distributed via email typically share identifiable patterns such as sender IP addresses, embedded URLs, and different combinations of characters from subjects and bodies of emails. The RPD approach, however, does not rely solely on content scanning but uses malware detection based on:

  • Email Distribution Patterns: These may include how many senders and location. It also takes a look at the volume of the emails sent over a period of time.
  • Structural Patterns: This includes the way the email messages look as well as their attachments.

This approach also makes RPD effective against all kinds of spam from any location, and containing any format, content, or language. RPD has proven to remain resilient from changing spammer tactics. RPD works to analyze billions of emails every day in real-time – recognizing and also protecting against any new spam outbreaks or phishing attacks the moment they emerge.

Here are some additional benefits of the Email Security Engine for Inbound Antispam:

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction: This solution has industry-leading high spam and phishing catch rates, which is coupled with near-zero false positives
  • Reduce Hardware Used: With a proven, high performance, this low maintenance solution reduces the amount of hardware you need.
  • Lower TCO: Our Unified Engine can deliver a few security services, so you can add in new features with minimal engineering.
  • Simplified Integration: Provided by a variety of industry-standard plugins, integration is made easy with this solution.
  • Free Up Skilled Staff: With Cyren’s tools, there’s no need to actively keep up with new spam attacks.

How The Email Security Engine Works

Recurrent Pattern Detection™ automatically analyzes the collected traffic in order to provide accurate spam and phishing classifications. These are based on a unique global view of outbreaks. Spam classifications are provided to the security engine from a local cache. Alternatively, if the email patterns can not be identified locally, they will be provided via a fast query to GlobalView™. The result of this is instant protection from new malware outbreaks without any lag in updates. 

Cyren’s Anti-Spam can be used in a wide range of hardware, software endpoints and offerings like:

  • UTMs and firewalls
  • Messaging gateways and MTAs
  • Anti-virus
  • Secure email gateways
  • Desktop applications

Final Thoughts

Read the data sheet and learn how to use Cyren’s Email Security Engine Anti-Spam, today.

Feb 14, 2022 | Phishing

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