Obamania in Spam and Malware


The flood of Barack Obama-related spam and malware messages unleashed in the past week does not appear to be abating. What started as a simple blended threat outbreak, offering to show recipients his speech (but instead downloading the malware executable barackobama.exe) has morphed into messages purporting to show an Obama sex scandal.

Outbreak that began November 5, the day after Obama was elected:

This week’s latest scandal:

Of course the attachment zeland-01.zip contains nasty malware, so beware…

The messages are being sent from zombies (aka botnets) so if your email filtering solution does not recognize the malware attachment (although by now most of the AV engines do recognize it), any solution that blocks based on zombie senders will be able to prevent this missive from reaching inboxes.

What I love are the “from” names – just odd enough to make you go “hmmm” (apologies to any of our readers if these are your names, but somehow I doubt it)

  • Bubba Chi-Wang
  • Eugenius Homayoum
  • Kristian Stanly
  • Avrom Octavian
  • Hazel Regina
  • Denver Chia Lin

And the list goes on.

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