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The Cyren Security Blog is where Cyren engineers and thought leaders provide insights, research and analysis on a range of current cybersecurity topics.

New Threat Report: Everything you need to know about botnets

Threat Report: Everything you need to know about botnetsCyren announces the release of the comprehensive cybersecurity report Botnets: The Clone Army of Cybercrime. This detailed look at a fundamental component of cybercrime infrastructure covers a wide range of botnet-specific topics, ranging from the basics of botnet architecture to in-depth analyses of botnet creation and evasion techniques.

Report highlights include:

  • A new, Cyren-identified, detection evasion technique which Cyren researchers are calling “Ghost Hosts”; whereby, botmasters fool web security and URL filtering systems by changing the domain names, inserting non-malicious host names into the HTTP host field.
  • “A day in the life” of the botnet that won’t die—Necurs—where Cyren researchers present a detailed chronology of the first 24 hours in the life of a Necurs bot.
  • An interview with Cyren expert and botnet hunter Geffen Tzur, offering insight into the cat-and-mouse world of botmasters and cybersecurity professionals.
  • Tips for IT professionals on how to prevent and detect botnet threats, an in-depth look at how criminals use botnets, and an infographic overview of the evolution of botnets over the last thirty years.

With articles on many other botnet topics, the report also leverages data gleaned from Cyren’s GlobalViewTM Intelligence Cloud, including comprehensive data on worldwide zombie locations and ransomware C&C server locations.

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