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New Cyren Threat Report: Ransomware

Threat Report: Everything you need to know about botnets

Cyren has just released a new, revised special threat report on ransomware, which provides context and depth to the many ransomware-related headlines we’ve been bombarded with lately. 2016 was truly the “Year of Ransomware” — or, given recent events, will 2017 surpass it?

Get Up to Speed

This report provides many interesting observations on different ransomware-related topics, including facts like how the Necurs botnet was used to send 38 billion Locky emails in a single day, and how Cyren’s security cloud detected 1.5 million unique samples of Locky in another 24-hour period.

But the series of short articles in the report will also provide IT managers and security practitioners the context and second-order level of appreciation needed to grasp the bigger “ransomware picture,” with the fundamental takeaway that the “threat economy” has changed and grown radically along many dimensions. The report also makes clear that the nature of threats and threat distribution will continue to evolve in new directions — read the article on the new Jaff ransomware to consider one example.

A Primer on Ransomware

HIghlights of the 22-page report include:

    • An overview of how ransomware works and how it evolves via a detailed look at the Locky campaign
    • Examples of new business models like ransomware-as-a-service and new attack techniques like “companion” ransomware
    • A summary of the WannaCry (aka WannaCrypt) outbreak, and a prediction as to which ransomware our analysts believe will dominate the second half of 2017
    • Insights from an interview with Cyren researchers who tracked (and stopped) Locky infections
    • A review of best practices for stopping ransomware
    • And much more!

For further information on this topic, also consult Cyren’s ransomware resource page in our Security Center and the on-demand webinar Confronting the Ransomware Crisis: Best Practices for Securing Your Business.


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