Never tempt an Argentinean with FIFA World Cup tickets…


What else can be said about those pesky Nigerian scam emails (commonly known as the “419 fraud”) and notifications of winning large amounts of money that hasn’t already been said?

It isn’t new that scammers use current events, news and upcoming attractions to make their campaigns seem authentic and convincing. While doing some research on 419 messages, I came across one in particular that caught my attention and could have potentially fooled me…if I didn’t know better.

To give you some background…I am Argentinean…and the two things an Argentinian loves the most are Asado (grilled meat) and football (or “soccer,” for the guys in the US).

So this particular email that caught my attention informed me that I won tickets to the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa plus £250,000. To be honest, I had subscribed to the World Cup ticket lottery, so if the email was a request to pay a discounted price for the tickets, I am sure I would have done it!

But…I know that scammers are greedy. The winning amount stated in this email is too good to be true…and who uses an awful red background in an official email?!

…I know it is Coca Cola FIFA 2010, but still!


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