Mortgage Spam Jumps in Response to Fed Rate Cut


When an email from one our employees to his loan officer asking about re-financing his mortgage got blocked by his bank’s spam filter, we decided to look into the phenomenon a little more closely. Turns out that spammers are leveraging the refinancing fervor that was sparked by the Fed’s rate cut last week, causing a jump in mortgage/finance-related spam. It is now 10% of all spam, compared with 2% in Q4 2007.

We also tested some legitimate messages and found that some content-based filters do indeed sometimes block them. So, if you are trying to refinance, best to pick up the phone and call your loan officer. Or make sure your bank uses a content-agnostic anti-spam filter based on Commtouch RPD technology.

For those of you who get a kick out of seeing how spammer’s minds work, here are some of the mortgage-related email subjects:

  • save over 50% on your monthly mortgage payments by refinancing!
  • 30 seconds could save you money on your mortgage
  • are you paying too much for your mortgage?
  • mortgage rates are crashing – see if your zipcode qualifies
  • calculate your new mortgage payment.
  • debt consolidation mortgage loan
  • debt consolidation remortgages
  • breaking mortgage news – fed drops rates to 4.50%
  • is your mortgage payment too high?
  • low mortgage rates are still available. refinance now!
  • online mortgage loan quote

BTW we announced a press release about mortgage spam earlier today.

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