More Google Adwords Phishing Scams


Scammers came out with some adwords phishing scams around 1 month ago and in the last few days have started a new round. Subject lines include:

  • your adwords google account is stoped (sic)
  • account reactivation.
  • please re-activate your account.
  • please re-submit your payment information.
  • please submit your payment information.
  • please update your billing information.
  • reactivate your adwords google account.
  • submit your payment information.
  • update your billing information.
  • update your payment information.
  • you have one or more alerts.
  • your account with google adwords.
  • your ads are not running.
  • your ads have been suspended.
  • your ads in this account are not running.
  • your payment didn’t succeed

The email messages contain links that appear to be legitimate google links (they start with however they re-direct to a phishing site with a .cn domain.

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