More Chinese Earthquake Malware Blended Threat Messages


Commtouch detection team informed me that a new blended threat outbreak of Chinese Earthquake messages began earlier today, with a similar modus operandi to the previous outbreak, the main difference being that the URL hyperlinks within the messages are to zombie IP addresses (the X’s in the sample below), rather than fast flux domains in the previous outbreak.

A sample message is above. And here is a screenshot of one of the malware web pages – users should not click the “video” since it downloads malware to the user’s computer.

Sample subjects in the new outbreak include:

  • toll mounts in china earthquake
  • 2008 olympic games are under the threat
  • million dead in chinese quake
  • china’s most deadly earthquake
  • the most powerful quake hits china
  • a new massive quake struck china
  • chinese government keeps back the real number of earthquake victims
  • recent china earthquake kills million
  • unprecedented earthquake in china
  • strongest earthquake hits beijing
  • a new powerful disaster in china
  • china is paralyzed by new earthquake
  • the massive disaster leveled the center of beijing to the ground
  • 2008 olympic games will possible not take place
  • the capital of china were collapsed by earthquake
  • dozens killed in china earthquake
  • terrible earthquake devastated beijing
  • a new deadly catastrophe in china
  • destruction in china continue
  • deadly catastrophe in chinese capital
  • the death toll in china steadily increased
  • earth tremors in china is going on
  • recent earthquake in china took a heavy toll
  • countless victims of earthquake in china
  • chinese people are horrified by new earthquake
  • death toll in china is growing
  • the list of chinese victims is growing
  • death toll in china exceeds 1000000
  • deadly earthquake shook china again
  • massive death toll feared in chinese earthquake

Nasty nasty stuff. They’re even leveraging the Olympic games as a trigger to get people to “watch” the video. With the games coming up this summer, expect to see more Olympic-related spam and malware outbreaks.

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