Malware earthquake hoax


For some people, hearing about China digging itself out of one of the worst earthquakes in recent memory inspires them to do good works, donate money, join the Peace Corps…. For spammers it is merely inspiration for the next wave of social engineering to attempt to recruit a new army of zombies. Building on human being’s natural sense of curiosity, and the fact that in the last few weeks there actually was a massive earthquake in China, a new blended threat has been unleashed in large quantities starting yesterday, with email message subjects such as:

  • recent china earthquake kills million
  • recent earthquake in china took a heavy toll
  • the capital of china were collapsed by earthquake
  • the death toll in china steadily increased
  • “unprecedented earthquake in china”
  • dozens killed in china earthquake
  • a new massive quake struck china
  • _death_to ll_in_china_is_growing
  • earth tremors in china is going on
  • death toll in china is growing
  • destruction in china continue

A sample message:

The email message contains a hyperlink (several domains) to a site that tries to download malware to the users computer.

Even though according to spamwars the malware has only been caught and identified by 8 out of 33 tested AV engines, folks using Commtouch Anti-Spam can rest assured they are protected.

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