It’s Ba-ack… Image Spam Blast from the Past


Remember when image spam was something new and kind of cool? (that was early 2006 in case you forgot). Why did it nearly disappear? For one thing, the anti-spam filters got better at blocking it, so it wasn’t as profitable for the spammers. But it looks like the spammers haven’t given up completely, and this weekend we’ve been treated to a blast from the past:

And another example:

Note that the two examples are almost exactly the same vis a vis content, but the second one is on a slight angle, to try to confuse anti-spam technologies that analyze images based on optical character reading (OCR).

Spam levels overall have been fairly low since we last reported on the drop post-McColo,so this weekend outbreak stood out since it raised spam levels back to what we’ve become used to, at least for a few hours.

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