Is Raymond Marcus buying your domains too?


Peter Wang is really worried about the Commtouch domain. He sent us the very official-looking email seen below (complete with spelling and grammar mistakes) warning us that some guy “named ‘raymond marcus’ wanted to applied for the Internet brand ‘commtouch’ and some domain names through” their body.


I’m not even really sure what that means. Raymond made an inquiry into taking over the Commtouch brand? It’s awfully nice of Mr. Wang to let us know.

We here at Commtouch took this warning very very seriously. Amir Lev, our CTO and president, immediately responded to grant Mr. Marcus permission to register domains. After all, any illegal descendant of Ferdinand Marcos who wants to take over the interwebs should be given free reign.


So…can we get a cut of his inheritance?


In the end, Peter just wants us to get nervous about “Raymond Marcus” (who most likely doesn’t really exist) and his plan to buy up our domain name. Peter is hoping that we are not smart enough to realize the trick — he wants us to call him up and give him money to buy our own domain before the fictitious Raymond does.

Thanks for lookin’ out for us, Peter! We’re going to pass this time…

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