1 vs. 100 Comes to Commtouch


A few nights ago, the Commtouch Israel team and our partners/spouses had a chance to kick back, enjoy some great food and enjoy each others’ company without once talking about the latest version release, or our new web security product, or what kind of malware we’ve been blocking lately (ok, these subjects might have come up once or twice…;)

Of course, the evening would not be complete without an entertainment program, which in our case was the game show 1 vs. 100, Commtouch style, complete with cheesy announcer (I kept cracking up every time he opened his mouth), and push-button voting from the stands.

Kudos to Gabriel, Lior and Shlomo, three reluctant winners of the game.

Here are some pics from the event:

Don’t we look like a fun-loving (and food-loving) group?

We all had such a good time trying to figure out the answers to 1 vs. 100 that I thought I’d share the fun with the blogosphere. Try your hand with the questions below, and the first three who answer all the questions correctly will receive a random piece of swag with Commtouch’s logo on it (you’ll have to send me your real name & address of course – I’ll contact you if it’s you). This is just for readers of the Commtouch blog, qualified infosec folks, partners, customers, investors, etc., NOT random people from freebies sites, so don’t even think of posting this on a freebie site. And I’m limiting this to the first 3 people who answer correctly, and closing the quiz on December 31. BTW Commtouch employees and their relatives are not eligible to participate (sorry guys).

Here’s the quiz:

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