Hello, are YOU ready? Spammers want to know!


Recently, we’ve seen spammers exploiting legitimate tools (or what appear to be legitimate) for illegitimate activities like we mentioned with Google Docs, Flickr, Blogger and Blogspot. The common theme here? In each case, the spammers tried to cloak the fact that they are actually spammers, in order to circumvent automated anti-spam engines that use traditional content-filters.

The other day we saw another such attempt to exploit Google Docs. The email appears to have been sent from Google Docs using their “Share” function. Additionally, every recipient is a Gmail user! We did a double-take until we saw the subject line: “Hello, are you ready?”

Ha! Maybe we are…and maybe we aren’t! What’s it to you!? …and what exactly are we getting ready for?

We then looked at the text of the message and saw two completely unconnected “services” being offered – both prescription drugs AND gambling! All in one email. It’s kind of like those gas stations in the middle of nowhere that also sell fireworks…some things just don’t go together!

And the icing on the cake? The “Marry” Christmas at the end. “Marry” Christmas to you too! Maybe if you’re nice, Santa will bring you spell check…

Hello, are you ready?

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