Greetings from Phuket (it was work, really)


Sawadika (that’s hello in Thai)…

What could be better than fresh pineapple juice? The answer is fresh pineapple juice in the morning on one of the beautiful Andaman ocean beaches in Phuket, Thailand. Well, I had to make do with the fresh pineapple juice and a walk down to the OPSEC pavilion, but still not that bad when you come to think of it…

Checkpoint was having its Asian CPX (“Check Point Experience”) this year on one of Thai islands – Phuket. Indeed it was challenging to get oneself to go to the CPX rather than to the beach, but it was worth it.
Just to keep you all in the picture, Commtouch technology is behind 3 of the 6 dimensions of Messaging Security, which is the new (well, new as of a few months ago….) module within the Check Point UTM-1 line of products.

One of the nicest surprises for me was Gil Shwed’s (Check Point’s CEO) opening session, where he mentioned Messaging Security more than once, as one of the great benefits Checkpoint has now to offer. I was positively beaming with pride during this keynote.

CPX was a great opportunity to meet many of Checkpoint’s resellers and distributors of the region, some of whom have already started selling UTM-1 with Messaging Security, and some who are just starting to become aware of the new product line. There was a lot of interest in what and how Commtouch does (unbelievable, but we catch spam without any content filtering engine!), not only in the already published services, but also in the upcoming new service of Web Security. I also enjoyed meeting up with some of Checkpoint’s country managers.

All in all, there is no doubt that Check Point knows how to organize a great event, making sure everyone leaves with new technical knowledge as well as a big smile (good food and drink always help). And just to prove how security-oriented the whole atmosphere was at the Hilton Phuket, on last Monday they held Tsunami evacuation exercises for their teams while we were starting the conference.  So we were treated to calls of “Tsunami Tsunami” over the loudspeakers (luckily we had been informed in advance that it was a drill).

Here are some pictures to share the good mood of the event:

Juggling the Commtouch stress balls with colleagues from Crossbeam and Secure Passage.

These are the stress balls, by the way, which were a big hit with the attendees (but how could you be stressed in Phuket?):

Congratulations to the winner of our lottery, Mr. Paul Dumindin of Globe Telecom, the Philippines (that’s me on the left):

And just to make you all jealous, a single picture of the gorgeous beach:

Luckily for both the organizers and the participants, the weather during the event was only so-so, but the few days before and afterward were fantastic, so we got a perfect combination of work and pleasure.

Looking forward to next year’s event.

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