Greed + Poor Math Skills = Successful Scam and Identity Theft


In this latest version of an old scam, Mr. X is looking for a partner to be the face of his company’s payment clearinghouse in North America and Europe.  To entice you into joining forces with him, he is offering you 25% of all collections.

Sounds good? Until you continue reading:

“As our representative, you will receive 25% of any payments you clear for the company, that is how you will be paid/renumerated [sic] by the company then you will remit the balance of 85% to us. This the company’s standard mode of operation.”

We ask that you ignore the poor grammar and sentence structure for a moment and instead concentrate on the math.

Perhaps it was one of those days at school where we spent too much time looking out the window. However, we at Commtouch are quite certain we learned that 25% + 85% does not add up to 100%.

Maybe this is what used to be dubbed the “new math”?

By the way, this scammer does not want your bank account details. He wants your name, all addresses and contact numbers, and a very clear image of your passport or driver’s license. He also wants your detailed resume and salary history. Identity theft, anyone?

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