Google thinks spam is decreasing


A recent Wired article talks about Google’s claim that spam has waned over the year.  We took a look at the past 12 months of our statistics, and sure enough it’s gone down… and up… and down… and up…you get the idea. With all the ups and downs, however, the trend is clear, and that is definitely in the direction of up.

December 2007 Spam Graph

I tend to agree with Justin Mason who writes:

‘attempts to spam Gmail users have been leveling off over the last year and more recently, even declining slightly’. In other words, they didn’t make an observation about the state of the spam problem on an internet-wide basis — just about the “local” situation as it pertains to Gmail.

While spammers may not be the most discriminating senders – they probably don’t clean out their lists as religiously as direct marketers – they are very smart, and smart enough not to waste their ammo on a domain that is going to categorically block them.

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