Global spam levels reach 96% in Q4 2007


The recently released Commtouch 2007 Q4 Email Threats Trend Report shows that during the last quarter global spam average 80% of all email traffic and reached 96% at it’s peak in October.
Q4 2007 spam levels

Since everyone reports spam levels a little differently, we’d like to take this opportunity to explain how we measure global spam levels here at Commtouch. We monitor unfiltered data streams of Internet email traffic, not including internal corporate traffic. This open traffic is analyzed to find the ratio of spam to legitimate email messages. This is the reported global spam level in our quarterly reports. This percentage represents how much of email sent in the world is junk spam email. End users likely experience lower levels of spam in their inboxes, since they may have several layers of spam filtering at the ISP and local level.

For more details, including samples of spam and blended-threat email containing malware and links to malicious websites, download the Commtouch 2007 Q4 Email Threats Trend Report, available from Commtouch Labs at:

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