Geek spam is the new black


Commtouch Labs alerted me to a recent outbreak that included a picture that was too funny not to share:

spam shirt

The image and a corresponding URL were sent out around the world in an extremely large quantity, meaning that the probability of it being spam is high. (Not to toot our own horn, but…well…ok maybe we will…our RPD technology picks up on these sending patterns and identifies such an attack as spam, so it can be blocked before it hits the inbox).

You have to give them credit for being geeky cool! The t-shirt was designed by Think Geek, and based on “I’m in ur base killing ur d00dz” memes from SomethingAweful forums…which is basically geeks talking to each other about geeky things like gaming and being nerdy.

Knowing about this is probably something we should keep to ourselves next time…I digress…

The “proper” form is actually “I’m in your A, B’ing your C, ” where A is a noun, B is a verb and C must be plural, preferably ending with a ‘z.’

LOLCats have mastered this and brought us many geeky cats B’ing our C’s like Fat Cat (who is eatin’ ur foodz), Bussy (who is steeln’ ur sowndz), Scratchy (who is stealinz yo’ fr00tz) and others.

The spammers, in this case, are proclaiming their geekiness and have adopted the t-shirt for their own geeky games.

…gotta love a geek with a sense of humor…

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