Even Wikipedia and WordPress used for pharmacy spam


Perhaps you’ve gotten used to phishing, spam and scams supposedly coming from Facebook, Apple and Google.  Now, though, even trusted brands that we thought were safe are being used in an attempt to get recipients to click the embedded URLs.  Check out the emails below, both related to “recent account opening activity”.

Wikipedia and WordPress, whose low-key designs are imprinted in our consciousness, were recently used in outbreaks spreading pharmacy spam.  Yes, pharmacy spam.  Of course, we’re not exactly sure why they thought our interest in Wikipedia and WordPress would transfer to an interest in low-priced meds.

We aren’t surprised. To be effective, cybercriminals have to gain access to you by leveraging trusted brands that you are exposed to on a daily basis. This means that they must constantly move on, hoping you’ll slip up and click on a link.

So, as usual, continue your vigilance against spam, scams, phishing, and malware from any site, any time, anywhere… (or get a good spam and Web filtering solution).

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