Drive, Not Spot


Blogspot has been a popular hosting site for spammers, and even malware distributors, but Arik from the detection team informs me that we are now starting to see outbreaks using hyperlinks to a different, less popular blog site, known as blogdrive.

This particular outbreak uses misspelled pornographic subject lines of around four words each; it seems that the first 3 words are the “actual” subject, and the fourth word is random, perhaps to throw off content filters. I was sorry I asked for a list of sample subjects, since they were truly nauseating. The most “innocent” of the over 50 samples that I could reprint here are:

  • tennis playing babe spacemade
  • home made pics rocks

As you can see from the sample above (censored of nastiness… gosh this is making feel like an uptight mom or something… oh yeah, I am an uptight mom there are two links, one to view the blogdrive site, and the other supposedly to unsubscribe (yeah, right). The message also contains some further text to confuse content filters, that has nothing to do with the original intent.

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