Diamond studded cell phones and other CeBIT wonders


Among the diamond covers for mobile phones all the way to the best of breed technology from Iran, the traditional security hall at Cebit has stretched to almost 3 halls and some vendors are extended out to the prestigious hall 1. The exhibitors say this year Cebit is better then last year, the visitors are flooding the halls.

  • UTM is hot and unified messaging is red hot.
  • Image spam is the talk of the day, some companies claim they are about to complete the development of the solution for this problem.
  • Everyone admits the spammers are good because the security vendors “like Commtouch” are very good! (according to Trendmicro Anti-malware CTO)

And probably as the last resort to fight malware attacks, G-Data resurected the famous performer Guildo Horn of “Der Meister Rockt” and star of Eurovision songwritting contest, for a live show at the booth. He didn’t stop the image-based spam, but nobody could resist the great opportunity to sip a drink.

And finally, I leave you with a question to ponder:

“If you use 30 days free trial of AV and AS from every vendor at Cebit – can you reach 365 free of charge “safe days”?”

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