Culture Clash


We recently got really curious and translated some German spam to see what it is they were trying to sell. We ended up finding that the cultural differences between German-language and English-speakers carries all the way over into the world of spam, beginning with the fact that the email – selling sexual enhancers – was written in third person to denote respect. How many polite spam messages selling sexual enhancers have our English-language readers seen lately?

One of the paragraphs reads:

Life is too short – enjoy it to the fullest.

Money can’t buy everything! (like) the potency and steadfastness of over 30 minutes now!

And another part reads:

Money comes and goes – (but the) unforgettable sex experience remains forever, and after all this is the next best thing in the world!

Order today and forget your disappointments, persistent fears of failure and repeating embarrassments!

Gee thanks for reminding us all of our disappointments, fears of failure…and especially our repeating embarrassments! That DEFINITELY makes us want to buy your product.

We clicked the link to see where we’d end up and lo and behold…the link took us directly to the same Canadian Pharmacy that has been spamming folks in English for ages with messages like “Impress your girlfriend.” So spammers are segmenting their target markets with different messages just like legitimate marketers.

Here is a sample sexual enhancer message in German.

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