Competition, Consideration and Concentrated Fun


No, this post is not about competition in the Internet security industry, of which there is plenty. It’s about about competition on the basketball court.

A few days ago I joined the Commtouch crew in our weekly basketball game after work and was amazed by how much fun it was. The competitive spirit was certainly there, and it wasn’t until I was tussling over rebounds that I realized just how unbelievably tall some of my colleagues are! (and I’m not so short myself…) But even with the drive to score baskets, people were very considerate of each other, not too many fouls, and we switched around a lot so we all got a chance to play with everyone else.

So, I’m not going to get into a whole description of basketball as a metaphor for business…but suffice it to say that lucky for us the same killer instinct combined with teamwork gets expressed within the halls of Commtouch and not just on the court.

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