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Cyren Security Blog ready for IPv6 day – 8th June 2011

(Adapted from On 8 June, 2011, Commtouch, Google, Facebook, Yahoo!, and Akamai will be amongst some of the major organizations that will offer their content over IPv6 for a 24-hour “test flight”. The goal of the Test Flight Day is to motivate organizations across the industry – Internet service providers, hardware makers, operating system vendors and web companies – to prepare their services for IPv6 to ensure a successful transition as IPv4 addresses run out.

On IPv6 day Commtouch is publishing an IPv6 address record (AAAA record) for the website. The site will of course continue to be available to IPv4 users as well.

In addition we have made an IPv6-only address available – The site only resolves to an AAAA record (IPv4 users will receive an error trying to access this site). This link also leads to the website.

For more info about IPv6, Commtouch’s on-demand Webcast is available here:

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