Commtouch Honored with Deloitte Technology Fast 50


Commtouch is pleased to have been selected as #7 in the 2008 Deloitte Israel Technology Fast 50, a ranking of the 50 fastest growing technology companies in Israel. To determine the fastest growing companies, Deloitte reviewed fiscal year revenues over five years (2003-2007), calculated the revenue growth percentage over five years, and compared the growth of technology companies. Being recognized on this list — and as one of the top 10 companies with a growth of 3,319% — is quite an accomplishment for Commtouch.

The Fast 50 celebration took place this morning at the Tel Aviv Hilton, where hundreds of people braved the Sunday morning traffic jams to hear greetings from an impressive roster of speakers. The Mayor of Tel Aviv-Yafo Ron Huldai opened the event, and was followed by the Founder & Managing Editor of TheMarker Online, Eytan Avriel, who talked about how he founded his high-tech oriented web site (now a monthly glossy magazine, a daily insert into the newspaper Haaretz, and more) in May 2000, mere months before the high-tech  bubble burst and still he was able to create a successful growing business by listening to the needs of his customers and meeting those needs.

Another inspiring speaker was the teenager Shaked Matar, from Deloitte’s “Future Managers” program. She presented on behalf of her dozen classmates who participated in a several-month program where they were mentored by Deloitte staff in all aspects of business management, met with key figures in high tech, and even created their own business plan for a new product. Based on her poised, calm, crystal clear and enthusiastic presentation, our future will be in good hands with her and her peers in a few years when they are ready to join the workforce.

The keynote speaker of the morning was Dr. Didier Lamouche, Chairman and CEO of BULL Company. Dr. Lamouche’s presentation jibed very well with the Commtouch approach, since he discussed three key IT trends:

  1. “IT Power Plants”, in other words, delivery of IT processing power from an off-site, centralized area, similar to delivering electrical power or water utilities. Commtouch is a leader in this area through our data-center-based spam/ malware detection and web security.
  2. The growing security imperative. Security is, of course, Commtouch’s central focus.
  3. His third point was “the energy squeeze,” over and above the need for sustainable development. He points out that data centers are reaching a limit, and analyzed that in some cases one square meter of servers in a data center can dissipate as much thermal energy as 20 ovens.

He also displayed a cute handheld device called “Globull” which contains a highly secure personal information system.  He noted that women were most likely to drive this revolution since this tiny device will fit into a purse, unlike any laptop (let’s hear it for the power of the purse!).

And of course the moment everyone was waiting for was the presentation of the Fast 50 companies – no one knew which company was ranked where, so there was palpable anticipation in the room as companies waited to see where they were ranked.  The list is kept so secret that the program booklet containing the ranking and company descriptions was handed out only after the presentations.

Here is a picture of Commtouch CEO Gideon Mantel (right) accepting the award for Commtouch.

Small update on Nov. 3: the two gentlemen giving the award to Gideon are: Amir Aviv, Managing Director, Corporate Finance, Poalim Capital Markets and Shlomi Anfang, Partner, Deloitte Brightman Almagor Zohar.



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