CHKP chooses Commtouch to secure email traffic


Earlier this week network security giant Check Point announce that it has integrated all three Commtouch email security technologies into its new UTM-1 network security appliance. By adding Commtouch Anti-spam, Zero-Hour virus outbreak detection & GlobalView mail reputation service, Check Point is showing serious commitment to defending against all types of email-borne threats.

This may come as a bit of a surprise to those of use who are used to traditionally thinking about the definition of network security as strictly intrusion detection/firewall technology. But the traditional firewall box that Check Point pioneered has developed into a comprehensive technology worthy of its name – Unified Threat Management. Today’s leading UTM’s strive to defend against all types of threats; intrusion, malware, malicious web sites.  And since email has become one of the most common sources of malware infection, securing email has become essential to securing the network.

UTMs that are able to effectively block malicious email traffic offer more than just security benefits, they lighten network burden by preventing junk email traffic from ever entering the organization. Therefore the overhead required to process and store this junk can be greatly reduced.

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