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Barrack Obama says you can now withdraw $4,500,000

Email text:


It is my pleasure to inform you that the latest de=elopment regarding the news from the President of United State of America =Barrack Obama) to release all foreign transaction without any further dela=.The United Nations in conjunction with Federal Investigation Department /=The U.S.A Government do here by give this irrevocable Approval Order With =elease Code: FBI/3480/02/00 to release your fund valued $4.500.000 US doll=r to you through Financial Bank of West African States Benin Republic.

Contact the below person who is in position to release your f=nd into your destination bank account within 48hours, Director General Mr.=ichard Pallmall, Foreign Remittance Financial Bank of West African States<=r />

Email (financialbank—

Phone +229) 98.86.06.– =ou are require to forward the below information’s to them to avoid T=ansfer your funds to a wrong person.

(1)Your bank name ________=______

(2)Beneficiary name _______________

(3)Your account numbe=: _______________

(4)Routing number: _______________

(5)Your ban= address: _______________

(6)Your home address: _______________

=7)Your age and occupation _______________

(8)A copy of your _________=_____

(9) Your home number _______________

(10)Your Email addres= _______________

(11) Your Country _______________

P=ease forward the following information’s to them now in there email = Gave to you and let me know when you do so and also when you receive your=funds in your bank account, also the beneficiary will be responsible for t=e transfer fee.

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