Autoresponder Spam


It was just a matter of time before spammers tried to disguise their messages as legitimate “autoresponders” in order to bypass anti-spam engines. Most email servers deliver autoresponders to their recipients since this is one way to keep track if the message you originally sent was received by the intended recipient. If your recipient is on vacation, or otherwise unavailable, it is useful to know that. In the case of the spam message below, intercepted in the Commtouch Detection Center, it appears to be a legitimate autoresponder, (even my very rusty high school French can understand what “une reponse automatique” is) however if you download the images in the email message (I’ve spared you them, here), or visit the site linked in the message, you will see that this is no ordinary autoresponder, but rather an invitation to a pornographic site.

Pornographic spam disguised as autoresponder message

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