Angelina Jolie Malware “Video”


I know some people get excited about the prospect of a new video of Angelina Jolie (with or without her new twins), but it’s not recommended to download one that ends in “.exe” since it’s most likely malware.

Building on the trend from the past few months of using standard MSN messages (links and all) to embed spam communication, now malware distributors are doing the same thing, only using the messages to distribute malware.

Below is a sample message, which looks almost exactly the same as previous “MSN-type” outbreaks.

However the image in this case is not for pharmaceutical spam, but a topless Angelina Jolie (or lookalike) which I’ll spare you. The message contains a hyperlink to download the malware file video-nude-anjelina.avi.exe. (Although if the .exe suffix wasn’t enough of a clue, perhaps the misspelling of the actress’s first name would tip you off…)

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