And The Winner Is….


I know you’re on the edge of your seat to find out the answers from the Commtouch holiday trivia quiz. Congrats to our three winners: Ziv Ichilov, Marketing Product Marketing Manager at Commtouch partner Aladdin, Zahi Graziani, a long-time private shareholder in Commtouch, and Roland Corrigal, the IT manager for a school division in Saskatchewan, Canada.

So, on to the answers:

  1. What year was Commtouch founded? 1991, of course. Just read the About Commtouch page. Most of you got that throwaway questions correct. We’re off to a good start…
  2. How many babies were born to Commtouch Israel employees in 2008? I’ll admit, this one was tricky. A lot of you guessed, and guessed incorrectly. Well, how were you to know that there were two sets of twins born to Commtouch Israel employees during 2008? The correct answer is 10 babies.
  3. Which Commtouch team member used to be a professional soccer player? It was interesting to see how people answered this question. While both Amir Harel (marketing) and Ami Jeain (QA) were flattered that the majority of respondents thought that they were the former professional soccer player (and I’ll vouch for the fact that they are excellent basketball players), only a handful guessed the right answer: Ron Ela, Commtouch’s CFO, was once a professional player on the Maccabi Petah-Tikva team. But as he points out, these days he hardly ever wears cleats or shinguards; it’s just businesswear & investor meetings for Ron.
  4. In what country does Commtouch NOT have any team members? This one was pretty much a toss up. Most of you guessed that since we have such a strong presence in North America that we must have staff in Canada, and you were right. But which European country do we not have permanent staff? Hmmmm… in this case if you chose Holland you would be correct (although we do spend a lot of time there). Yes, we do have staff in Italy. Why? well, the pasta is yummy :)

Thank you to all who participated. I hope you had as much fun as I did!

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